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June 29th, 2008 - Customize Member Pages restored

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015 7:27:34 PM MST
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Welcome to frufru's fully-automated self-serve image randomizer service!

example: example

If you refresh, you'll notice that it changes. You can have something similar with your own images for your avatar, sig, banner, or any other image. Note that This is not an image hosting service, however, there is an integrated image uploader so you can easily add images from your own computer. I will not be responsible if you are caught hotlinking off other servers. Please read the FAQ for more info.

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Total Members: 13,982
Newest Member: actiness on 10/5/2015, 6:51:08 PM
Total Randomizers Hosted: 23,508
Average randomizers per user: 1.6813
Total images in all randomizers: 342,611
Hits for all randomizers:
    Overall*: 234,711,519
    This Month: 111,489
    Last 24 Hours: 18,825
Service started: July 8th 2006 (3377 days ago)
*Since July 2008
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Random Randomizer!
Note: I am not responsible for any inappropriate or broken images here.
[random randomizer image]
When you modify your randomizer(s) you will have an option of removing it from the random randomizer if you want to.

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